Who we are...

Since 1996 @YourMac! has brought the very best Macintosh consulting right to your door for information on local services near Boston, Massachussets please contact the hostmaster.

Because all other computers pale in comparison that's why!

Steve Jobblehead @YourMAC! first started as a outpouring of a passion and a hobby, I simply loved the Mac. I started out with MacPlus back in the 1980s and it grew from there. The excitement of the latest shareware or anticipating new versions of MacOS and other updates provided ample opportunity for me to build a skill set that quickly came into demand during teh Internet boom. I started teching Macs for a small fee and happened upon a client who was a local DJ at a popular radio station in Boston. After a few emergency calls and successful rescues of his Mac, Charles Laquidara started to plu @YourMAC! on WZLX and it took off from there. I began servicing home users and small firms around Boston. I especially became popular in the graphic design and small publishing circles. I would offer services such as set-up, back-up, updates, and periodic welness visits, it was quite an adventure.

My passion for the Mac hasn't waned over the years and I look forward to every new fearure and development.
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